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Thanks to the innovations and developments in our R & D department,
we have created the Glassmove mechanism with the hard
work and dedication of our team. In terms of both innovation (new
products) and renovation (renewal of existing products), the company
benefits from rapidly developing technology. Glassmove has
been developed to eliminate the visual concerns created by vertical
bearing profiles commonly used in classical aluminum railings.
The Glassmove mechanism, which is a mechanism that saves both
time and money and significantly increases its ability to compete in the
market, eliminates the serious problems of conventional fixed mounting
systems. It facilitates the stabilization of the glass panel by making it
quick, easy, economical and safe to ensure that the glass is stabilized at
90 ° even on the most uneven floors, giving the glass mobility.
It is designed to use glasses between 12-21,52 mm.


  • Compatible operation on all and part systems
  • Fastening with simple glass panels with +1 and -1 level movement
    using pressure logs
  • The glass is always mounted inside the railing from the inside, so
    there is no need to place the outer scaffold.
  • Thanks to the safety mechanism of the top wedge, the guardrail retains
    its original position naturally when subjected to linear loads
  • The Glassmove mechanism provides additional security to the profile
    thanks to the gasket located at the rear.